This chat takes place 500 years in the future (approx. 2507). Man has reached the heavens and expanded throughout the galaxy with the help of Flash drives.

The main setting for this chat is the moon colony known as Keeper's Dwelling, which is the 'common name' for Colony KDX995 the planet's navigational code used by vessels throughout human space. The moon that Keeper's Dwelling is on is fully inhabitable and human friendly without the need of extraneous life-support systems that other locations require, because of this Keeper's Dwelling has almost all but overtaken the moon it resides on leaving only room for a few small outcroppings of forest and a few parks.

Keeper's Dwelling was initially built to be a temporary colony until the terraforming was done on the planet it orbited, but financial and other distractions have taken place slowing the terraforming process tremendously. Although about 90% complete the planet still has several years before it's capable of sustaining life and allowing construction crews to go down and begin building the first towns.

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