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Full Name: Morra Vel
Alias: Morra
Age: 20
Race: Human
Home HIR: Cerberum
Marital Status: single
Sexual Pref.: bisexual
Known Family: Mirra Vel (sister), Marrs Vel (sister)
Crew: none
Occupation: Criminal
Height: 5'7"
Build: slim
Hair: red
Eye: blue
Blood Type: B
Player: BB
Avatar: Liz Vicious


  • Knife- strapped to her left thigh. Picture coming soon.
  • Chimeran Daggers- 10 daggers strapped to her right thigh

Normal Attire: changes regularly, always sexy or teasing.


Born on Cerberum in the suburbs of Kaos, the second largest city on the planet. She had a modest upbringing in a middle-class home, playing second fiddle to her older sister Marrs, she became her shadow. Making noise and lashing out for attention whenever she could because, wherever Marrs went so did her parent's attention. At such a young age she learned how to act like a brat, though inside she was just a hurt little girl wanting love. When Marrs left the family her parents were rather upset, and their young daughter acting out for attention didn't help anything. In a rage, her father kicked her out when she was 11 and she went to stay with Marrs. She became close to her sister, sadly Marrs didn't really feel all that close to Morra. Viewing her mostly as a cling-on, but she was her sister and let Morra stick with her. Marrs took her to Machavelli's mansion when she moved in and put Morra in her own private wing of the home. She still acts out and is as much of a brat now as ever, but now, she's learned that she can control most men using her looks, charm, and body. So she does, and quite regularly has she done it whenever she sees a man, or girl she wants she goes after them without hesitation.


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