Full Name: Marrs Vel
Alias: Marrs
Age: 26
Race: Human
Home HIR: Cerberum
Marital Status: taken - Machavelli Glass
Sexual Pref.: bisexual
Known Family: Mirra Vel (sister), Morra Vel (sister)
Crew: none
Occupation: Criminal
Height: 5'10"
Build: athletic/lean
Hair: red
Eye: green
Blood Type: B
Player: --
Avatar: Bianca Beauchamp


  • Whip- old-fashioned black leather whip.
  • Knife- picture coming soon

Normal Attire: changes regularly, usually latex and leather and very sexy.


Born on Cerberum in the suburbs of Kaos, the second largest city on the planet. She had a modest upbringing in a middle-class home but upon puberty and the emergence of her womanly body she became instantly popular nearly overnight. Once she was of legal age, 15, she began working as a dancer for a local pub where she worked for several years before finally meeting Machavelli. Falling for his charm she quickly left her dancing job in pursuits of him. It wasn't long before she was the sole female on his arm and in his bed and there she has remained for several years now, still by his side. Upon moving into Machavelli's mansion she brought her little sister, Morra, along and they let her live in her own private wing of the estate, out of the way.


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