Kevin mckidd is machavelli
Full Name: Machavelli Jorden Glass
Alias: Macha
Age: 34
Race: Human
Home HIR: Chimera III
Marital Status: taken - Marrs Vel
Sexual Pref.: straight
Known Family: Makayla Rae Glass (sister), Michalla Caye Glass (sister)
Crew: none
Occupation: Criminal
Height: 6'0"
Build: athletic/lean
Hair: blonde
Eye: blue
Blood Type: AB
Player: --
Avatar: Kevin McKidd


  • K527 Standard Pistol- 2 of them usually kept holstered in shoulder holsters under his jacket and over his sweater; like his sister, Makayla. his are customized with the family symbol on the grip pictured here.

Normal Attire: usually dark clothing, typically a black long-sleeve sweater and black jeans or black leather pants and when out a dark gray jacket.




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