Full Name: Joanna Gyre
Alias: Jo, Jay-Gee, Goanna
Age: 23
Race: Human (Tainted)
Home HIR: --
Marital Status: single
Sexual Pref.: straight
Known Family: none known
Crew: none
Occupation: Unemployed
Height: 5'6"
Build: slim
Hair: black
Eye: green
Blood Type: O
Player: Oni
Avatar: Jessica Biel


  • Backpack- holds stuff, duh.

Normal Attire: Flightcrew padded jumpsuit.


Joanna was once a fully liscenced pilot with USF exploration forces. A deft navigator and stick-jockey, Joanna's family have been born and raised in space for generations; leaving some to beleive her bloodline had begun to -evolve- for the rigors of zerogravity, sudden partical storms, and the vertigo-inducing void. While with a crew exploring a landing site on a potentialy habitable world, the rock surrounding a pool of alien goop collapsed, and Joanna stumbled in. At first, everyone had a good laugh at her expense, and the mission continued. It wasnt until after a return to the ship it was discovered that the goop had -eaten- through her spacesuit, but had, with an ominous intelligence, maintained a seal against the outside; sparing her life. Now, however, the organism (for it WAS alive), had been absorbed into her body and formed a parasitic bond with her skelletal and nervous system.

The pilot experienced pain and disorientation so intense the medical crew placed her into a chemicaly induced coma while they returned home. By the time that she was brought back to conciousness; the parasite had changed her into a suitable host. Bony ridges adorned her jaw, cheek, and eyebrows. strong, sharp spines of bone calcium portruded from her back. Upon becomming terrified; the parasite responded with a strong fight instinct. Her body produced adrenaline at incredible rates while experiencing a lower count of fatigue protines. Her bones, littteraly, twisted and errupted out of her skin; forming honeycombed armor and savage blades based in her forearms. Needless to say, her possition was revoked with all due haste; and Joanna Gyre was left to rot amongst the destitute Tainted scattered across the slums. The parasite continues to feed, ever so slowly killing the pilot in an excruciating manner. This has led her to become an addict of anything that kills her pain; be it narcotics or medicines.


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