There are 2 groups of humans. Surface-dwellers and Elites.


The Surface-dwellers live a life of poverty and in a constant fight for survival. Most live in fortified metal structures that are mostly no more then thick metal armor overtop old building elements. They dwell amongst the dark creatures of the world and as such are always on high-alert never knowing when the moment could be their last. Surface-dwellers are very limited on their access to weapons. Most forced to use makeshift melee weapons since the Vampyres and human Elites have a corner on the sophisticated firearms market. The only time Surface-dwellers have sophisticated firearms (i.e. modern-day pistols, and other guns, and medium-to long-range weaponry) is if stolen from a human Elite or Vampyre. This, however, is very very rare. There are several successful underground human communities stationed around the Elite's Plateau Tower.


The Elites live in a Space Needle-like structure with 4 magnetic lifts going from the surface to the Plateau (top-most level of the structure). The Plateau rests about 50 feet above the top line of the cloud level making it the only manmade structure on earth above the cloud level. It was built as a sanctuary for the most lavish and rich of the humans. However, due to the limited amount of moisture the Elites cannot grow plants in the Plateau Tower. 50 families live in the Plateau. The remaining 50 living spaces are typically rented out to members of the Elites'private mercenary force known as Gliders.


The Gliders constantly stand at a fighting force of 20 soldiers with an additional 10 members that are placed on Guard duty. The Glider Guard remain at the bottom level of the Plateau guarding the magnetic lifts. Making it so at any time the typical force of the Gliders at any time stands at 30 total. Although, there are living spaces in the Plateau for a total of 50 Glider members.

Gliders get their name from the modified squirrel suits they wear based off the picture on the right. Glider squads base jump off the bottom level of the Plateau, down through the cloud layer just under the Plateau and glide toward one of the surrounding towns and gather supplies, as well as destroy any supernatural hostiles they run into on those outtings. They are a vital part of the Elites lives', they bring food back to the Tower and keep them alive and fed.

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