Full Name: Gabriel Isaac McDaniel
Alias: Gabe
Age: 29
Race: Human
Home HIR: Unorus Prima
Marital Status: single
Sexual Pref.: straight
Known Family: Ursula Vaheis (mother, deceased), Michael (brother, deceased)
Crew: Hermes
Occupation: Captain
Height: 5'11"
Build: athletic/lean
Hair: brown
Eye: blue
Blood Type: AB
Player: X
Avatar: Liev Schreiber


Normal Attire: black jacket and dark gray sleeveless undershirt with black military style pants and boots.


Born on Unorus Prima to a planetary senator and his mistress. Several years after his birth his father was assassinated by an anti-government riot and his inheritance absorbed into Unorus Prima's government. Left impoverished with his mother, Gabe's life changed from their on out. His mother becoming an indentured servant to a local farmer who ended up sexually abusing her, and subsequently impregnating her resulting in Gabe's half-brother Michael who wound up still born. His mother distraught and feeling helpless after losing a child and her abuse fell ill shortly after delivering and died. Gabe, only 9, was forced to work off the remainder of his mother's debt to the farmer. Four years after his mother's death, when Gabe was 13, Unorus Prima abolished indentured servitude in the realm, but mandated that all remaining debt must be fulfilled and no additional debt can be added upon the individual. It took another 5 years when Gabe was 18 for him to finish working off his mother's debt. After that he left the farmer's home and went into Capaballa, the capital city of Unorus Prima, working to get his own ship and leave the planet. It took him about 6 months before a man, Hugo Wayseigh, a mineral trader hired Gabe as a work hand on his ship. Gabe worked the ship for 5 years learning trade routes and the skills it took to be a successful and sometimes shady mineral trader. Finally, the day after his 24th birthday Hugo was killed in a freak mining accident, leaving his ship to Gabe, which shocked him. So, Gabe went to work as Hugo's replacement and over the next 6 years repainted the ship and renamed it the Hermes.


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