This is the future and because of that some things are going to be newer and terms will be different from modern day objects. This page is to help you ICly to understand the terminology of this universe.

Veed: video feed. Television has been replaced by holographic feeds commonly referred to as Veeds, a condensed version of video feed.

Veed Reader: a small circular device that picks up veeds and projects them in the designated area of the user's choosing. They can be mounted to the ceiling, a wall, the floor or any flat surface.

PalmC: Palm Computer.

IDIOT: an AI system being developed by Knox Fel. When someone says IDIOT in all caps it usually refers to this product. Independent Digital Idiosyncratic Oriented Technology, IDIOT for short. In short it was a self-aware AI that could run anything you wanted, as long as it wasn't a weapon. She plans on pursuing military contracts to make custom IDIOTs to help run UFS and FES systems in ships and also minor clients.

Extra Hand: refers to an occupation of someone that is usually a handy man or someone that works odd jobs

Wrench-Hand: mechanic

Flash space: referring to when a ship is traveling at sub-light or light speed using a Flash Drive

SAARA: stands for Security Against Assailant Reaction & Alarm. A system developed by Knox Fel as a security system for her apartment. She doesn't plan on selling this technology.

eDart: electrode Dart. Shocks the target with 10,000 volts

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