The Battleship is the mainstay of the UFS. Choosing to purchase Battleships over Supercarriers due to cheaper cost but reasonable firepower, the UFS has chosen to pursue quantity that has quality for each individual unit.

Technical specifications Edit

Length: 1,750 meters
Mass: 117,000 tons
Flash Drive: Yes
Flash velocity: 2.2L/y day
Hull: Resistant to heavy damage due to a honeycombed structure.

Armament Edit

1 Heavy MAC Cannon
110 Archer Missile Pods, containing 30 missiles each.(Spread along the port and starboard hulls.)
240 50mm point defense guns(Spread along the ships hull.)
75 Ship to Ship Gauss Cannons(Spread along the Bottom and Top hulls.)
8 Shiva-class nuclear warheads (Delivered via Falcon fighters or fired via missile.)

Complementing/Cargo Edit

12 Pigeon Dropships
35 C709 Falcon-class Starfighters
900 Marines
250 Drop Pod Troops

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