Full Name: Cameron Bardeaux
Alias: Cam
Age: 24
Race: Human
Home HIR: Harvest
Marital Status: single
Sexual Pref.: bisexual
Known Family: none known
Crew: Hermes
Occupation: Wrench-hand
Height: 5'5"
Build: slim
Hair: blonde
Eye: green
Blood Type: A
Player: Vy
Avatar: January Jones


  • UFS Army Knife- usually sheathed on the back of her belt or around her thigh on top of her pants

Normal Attire: similar to Makayla, tank top with military style pants and boots though she will dress up on occasion.


Born on Harvest her parents were merchants and active members in the Trader's Guild and only 2 days old she embarked on her first journey off-planet with her parents. Her parents' home was on a small colony at the edge of UFS space called Onclave. She grew up primarily on her parents' freighter learning from her elderly uncle the tricks of the trade of being a wrench-hand. Upon her 18th birthday and acquiring her parent's blessings she left their ship in pursuits of becoming a wrench-hand on another ship. She was hired by Gabe McDaniel to be the wrench-hand on the Hermes to replace the recently promoted navigator, Makayla. She's remained on the ship for 6 years as the wrench-hand.


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